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Silverstone Legal Services is an international law firm with a global outlook. With offices in Enugu, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Nigeria and in Dublin in Ireland and London in the United Kingdom our company is one of the best international law firms in Africa and Europe. We have a group of highly qualified and renowned lawyers and solicitors who are experts in their areas of specialisation. Some of us have a wealth of experience in legal practice covering a period of thirty years and we specialize in the following areas of law: 

Silverstone Legals is a reputable law firm in the USA, specializing in various areas of law. As a leading commercial law firm, we provide expert legal advice and representation for businesses of all sizes. Our real estate law practice offers comprehensive services for property transactions and disputes. With a focus on arbitration, we assist clients in resolving complex disputes effectively. Our team of experienced lawyers also excels in property law, taxation law, foreign investment matters, and finance law. Additionally, as trusted arbitration lawyers in Nigeria, we offer reliable dispute resolution services.

International law

International law is simply defined as a body of laws, agreements and features that apply to all nations. The gap among the countries of the world is gradually getting bridged as the world becomes a global village in terms of communication, industrialization, commerce and legal frameworks.

Immigration law

Immigrating from one country to another is a complicated matter. Our immigration lawyers and experts assist the immigrants and foreign investors in getting Resident Permit, Expatriate quota, Export Licence.

Sports, Media & Entertainment law

Our Sports, Media and Entertainment Law legal experts are led by our law firm’s Managing partner. His colleagues like him are great fans of sports, media and entertainment industry, having managed some blogs that treat them.

Real Estate & Convenyancing law

Real Estate law is very important to our law firm. We have some properties ourselves and our lawyers and solicitors have wealth of experience in land law and real Estate law, which includes, but not restricted to Mortgage, construction of projects, property development and joint ventures.

Taxation law and foreign investment corporate & commercial law

Silverstone Legal Services firm is a front runner in business advisory role in Nigerian business sector as well as international business. We are very popular among the business people in Enugu because one of our offices in Nigeria is located near the commercial hub of Enugu state.

Intelectual Property

We have intellectual property legal experts who provide legal services to our clients in intellectual property areas: copyright, patents and trade mark. We register our clients’ intellectual property with African Intellectual Property Regional Organisation (ARIPO) and African Intellectual Property Organisation (OAPI)

Maritime law & Aviation

Silverstone Legal Services is one of the main law firms in Maritime and Shipping in Nigeria. Our lawyers and solicitors in this field have wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of maritime and shipping in Nigeria, Europe, South America, Asia and USA

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our law firm is one of the leading law firms in Nigeria in ADR. We have highly qualified legal experts who are appreciated by our clients for their exceptional services. They represent our private clients, corporate organisations and multinational companies in resolving their disputes.

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Davies Odidika

Managing Partner

Davies Odidika, managing partner of Silverstone Legal Services, transformed his family’s firm into an international hub, excelling in Entertainment, International, Corporate, and Immigration law. He specializes in facilitating visa applications for foreign investors in Nigeria and is a member of various legal associations.

Amechi Odidika

Administrative Manager (Dublin Ireland)

As administrative Manager at Silverstone Legal Services, he’s a versatile intellectual, excelling in journalism, teaching, and law. With degrees from University of Ilorin and Dublin Business School, he specializes in European, international, Human Rights, and immigration law.

Nkemdilim Odidika

Managing Partner

As a Managing Partner at Silverstone Legal Services, she brings over 30 years of expertise in corporate, commercial, criminal, civil, international property, real estate, trade, export, and banking law. She founded Odidika Law Chambers and leads the commercial and corporate law sector. With degrees from Nnamdi Azikiwe University and Nigerian Law School, she ensures top-notch client relations.

Eloka Ikwueke


As Silverstone Legal Services Manager in London, he’s an IT expert with over 10 years of experience in UK immigration. Specializing in temporary and permanent visas, job sponsorships, and Laboral orientation, he facilitates hiring foreign workers for companies. He’s also adept at securing healthcare opportunities for registered professionals like HCAs, Nurses, and Doctors.

Uju Ekop

Human Resources

Uju is a dedicated Human Resources Professional with strong organizational skills and interpersonal abilities. Fluent in English, French, and Igbo, she brings dynamism, creativity, and decisiveness to her work. Her background in flight crew adds to her pragmatic and result-oriented approach.

Eduard Diez

Management Consultant

Edu is a seasoned Information Technology expert and Electronic Engineer, known for his leadership roles in international companies in Barcelona. With extensive experience and a degree from the University of Barcelona, he’s described as a diligent professional who’s relentless in achieving results. As an investment and management consultant, his business acumen and managerial skills greatly benefit our team across locations in Nigeria, the UK, and Ireland.

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Our Mission

We are a multinational law firm with correspondence across Europe and Africa that provides exquisite legal services to our valued clients and their businesses. Our clients include top business giants & startups across fields and we provide insightful solutions to their business challenges.

To provide top tier legal advice and services that resolves the challenges faced by our clients in their business and daily life

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Silverstone Legal Services is a legal centre of excellence. Professionalism and excellence are the key watch words in our law firm’s mission and we are absolutely committed to providing exceptional legal services to our clients whether they are companies or individuals and whether they are in Nigeria, in the United Kingdom, in Ireland or any part of the world. We build and maintain good relationships with them and their job satisfaction is important to us. We have brilliant, highly qualified and experienced lawyers and solicitors with different areas of specialisation and diverse educational, professional and multi- cultural backgrounds and yet we work together as a team to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

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"Silverstone Legals went above and beyond for me during a difficult time. Their legal expertise and compassion helped me navigate a complex situation and achieve a positive outcome. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of legal representation."
Annie Franklin
"I was impressed by Silverstone Legals' professionalism and attention to detail. They kept me informed throughout the entire process and were always available to answer my questions. I felt confident that they were working in my best interests."
"Silverstone Legals is a top-notch law firm. They are knowledgeable, experienced, and results-oriented. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future."
Tracy Stewart

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 Silverstonelegals services is known for its friendly team of legal professionals. We are client-focused and also driven to produce practical results for you.For years, our clients have trusted our experience and skill in solving their legal matters. Our skill is based on knowledge of the law and our ability to interpret it depending upon the facts of each case. Our dedicated team of lawyers is constantly striving to find unique resolutions for your complex issues. Our office is conveniently located at No.6 Monrovia street New Haven, Enuguet