Real Estate law is very important to our law firm. We have some properties ourselves and our lawyers and solicitors have wealth of experience in land law and real Estate law, which includes, but not restricted to Mortgage, construction of projects, property development and joint ventures. One of our Managing partners has more than thirty years of experience as a Real Estate lawyer. We offer our clients some advice that are important in real estate transactions to avoid unnecessary legal costs or litigations. Our legal experts draft agreements, help our clients in buying, selling and financing and in litigation.

Silverstone Legals offers top-notch legal conveyancing services in the USA, ensuring smooth property transactions for clients. With extensive knowledge of property law in Nigeria, our expert team provides comprehensive property law services, assisting clients with various real estate matters. We also have skilled real estate lawyers in Nigeria who provide professional guidance and representation in property-related cases. Additionally, our intellectual property lawyers in Nigeria offer specialized expertise in protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights. Trust Silverstone Legals for reliable and effective legal services. Visit Silver Stone legals to explore our offerings and get the legal assistance you need.


  • Constructing of Residential homes, buying, selling, refinancing, Preparation of lease drafting and conveyance
  • Commercial property — buying, selling, refinancing and lease drafting
  • Mortgage financing and refinancing for both residential and commercial properties
  • Construction and property development.
  • Venture capital funding,
  • Preparation of Certificate of Occupancy and Transfer of title
  • Real estate litigation
  • Settling of Residential and commercial landlord and tenant disputes
  • Modifying Latent defects in real estate purchases.