Silverstone Legal Services is one of the main law firms in Maritime and Shipping in Nigeria. Our lawyers and solicitors in this field have a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of maritime and shipping in Nigeria, Europe, South America, Asia and the USA. They provide services to our clients involved in domestic and international shipping, in offshore drilling, offshore construction companies, on-shore, and port activities.

Our Legal Experts cover the following:

  • . Marine contracts
  • . Vessel financing and acquisition
  • . Maritime dispute resolution
  • . Transportation agreements
  • . Vessel registration
  • . Maritime security and privacy
  • . Maritime Claims and Liens
  • . Vessel arrest and release
  • . Taxation matters.

On the aviation sector; One of our legal experts in this area taught at an aviation school in Paris and so he has an extensive knowledge of and wealth of experience in aviation industry. He provides legal advice to our clients on licensing and regulation of airlines, passenger and carrier rights and liabilities, airport operations, air accidents and compensations and cross- border advisory services. Our law firm also provides legal services to local and international airlines in their negotiations and documentations with the local airport and aviation authorities. We protect their companies’ interests in claims and disputes under contracts and air carriage.

Our Area of Specialisation includes:

  • . Carriage by Air claims
  • . Aircraft liens and detention rights.
  • . Industry regulatory compliance
  • . Aircraft operating leases
  • . Aviation workers and labour matters.

Get in touch with our Legal Experts. We speak English, Spanish, French, Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa.

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