International law is simply defined as a body of laws, agreements and features that apply to all nations. The gap among the countries of the world is gradually being bridged as the world becomes a global village in terms of communication, industrialization, commerce and legal frameworks. This is why at Silverstone Legal Services we are much more determined to be one of the leading law firms in international law in the world.

Our legal experts in international law area are multilingual who understand the social and political dynamics of countries where our clients come from. We have a team of lawyers and solicitors with extensive knowledge of this field, some of them with many years of experience in international human rights activism and immigration services in Nigeria and Europe.

We provide private individuals, companies and governmental bodies with legal rights advice and recommendations. Our legal team specializes in intellectual property, security law and international business among others and we defend our clients’ interests in two or more jurisdictions.

Our area includes:

  • . International Arbitration
  • . Intellectual property and competition
  • . Business arbitration, Trade transactions, Corporate Governance and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

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International Human Rights Law:

Silverstone Legal Services has a team of specialists with a respected name and reputation in human rights. We provide Pro bono services to NGOs: Legal aid, Amnesty International, Red Cross Organisation, Caritas Organisation and other human rights organizations and individuals.

We also provide legal services to the victims of torture, sexual violence, human trafficking, discrimination, personal injury and consumer rights and we defend human rights through litigations and representations.

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