Immigrating from one country to another is a complicated matter. Our immigration lawyers and experts assist immigrants and foreign investors in getting Resident Permit, Expatriate quotas, and Export Licence. We help them get all the documents they need from the Nigerian Immigration Service, Ministry of Trade, Nigerian Investment Promotion Agencies, and other statutory bodies in case of immigrants and investors coming to Nigeria and in the Foreign Affairs Offices in case of those traveling to Ireland and the United Kingdom. We hand the services among others:

Temporary Visas

  • – Visitor permits, including renewals and extensions
  • – Study permits, including renewals and extensions
  • – Parent/grandparent super visas
  • – Visit on business
  • – Temporary foreign workers
  • – Live-in caregivers: nannies and elder caregivers
  • – Work permits, including renewals, extensions and labor market opinions (LMO) letters.

Refugee claims and asylum seekers: Humanitarian and compassionate class.

Letters of invitation (temporary resident permits)

Permanent Residency Application

  • – Permanent residency sponsorship
  • – Foreign child adoption
  • – Start-up Visa Program
  • – Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed individual
  • – Economic class sponsorship
  • – Family class sponsorship
  • – Permanent residency sponsorship

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