Davies Odidika

Managing Partner

Davies Odidika, managing partner of Silverstone Legal Services, transformed his family’s firm into an international hub, excelling in Entertainment, International, Corporate, and Immigration law. He specializes in facilitating visa applications for foreign investors in Nigeria and is a member of various legal associations.

Amechi Odidika

Administrative Manager (Dublin Ireland)

As administrative Manager at Silverstone Legal Services, he’s a versatile intellectual, excelling in journalism, teaching, and law. With degrees from University of Ilorin and Dublin Business School, he specializes in European, international, Human Rights, and immigration law.

Nkemdilim Odidika

Managing Partner

As a Managing Partner at Silverstone Legal Services, she brings over 30 years of expertise in corporate, commercial, criminal, civil, international property, real estate, trade, export, and banking law. She founded Odidika Law Chambers and leads the commercial and corporate law sector. With degrees from Nnamdi Azikiwe University and Nigerian Law School, she ensures top-notch client relations.

Eloka Ikwueke


As Silverstone Legal Services Manager in London, he’s an IT expert with over 10 years of experience in UK immigration. Specializing in temporary and permanent visas, job sponsorships, and Laboral orientation, he facilitates hiring foreign workers for companies. He’s also adept at securing healthcare opportunities for registered professionals like HCAs, Nurses, and Doctors.

Uju Ekop

Human Resources

Uju is a dedicated Human Resources Professional with strong organizational skills and interpersonal abilities. Fluent in English, French, and Igbo, she brings dynamism, creativity, and decisiveness to her work. Her background in flight crew adds to her pragmatic and result-oriented approach. 

Eduard Diez

Management Consultant

Edu is a seasoned Information Technology expert and Electronic Engineer, known for his leadership roles in international companies in Barcelona. With extensive experience and a degree from the University of Barcelona, he’s described as a diligent professional who’s relentless in achieving results. As an investment and management consultant, his business acumen and managerial skills greatly benefit our team across locations in Nigeria, the UK, and Ireland.